This is my grandfather’s car, it was brought from Novosibirsk, Russia to Austin, Texas in 2011.

Model: ВАЗ-2101, LADA-2101, VAZ-2101, FIAT-124 (1966)

Engine: 1.2 L (Carburetor, 58 HP)

Transmission: 4 speed, manual

Max speed: 90 mph (144 kph)

Fuel: 40 mpg (5.9 l /100 km)

A/C: None

Manufactured: 1986 Tolyatti, Russia (USSR)

Original Owner: My grandfather (Ivan Ovcharenko)

VAZ-2101 Wikipedia article: Link

After this car was brought to US in 2011 it ran for some time, however mechanical condition of the car was a constant struggle. In early 2016 mechanical resource was completely exhausted and I made a decision to give this car a second life by swapping a modern chassis under this vintage car. Florida-based company Devolro ( started this project back in July 2016 (driving 30 hours from Austin,Texas to Miami, Florida during 4th of July weekend was quite an interesting road trip).


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